Whois SEOGirl?

Name : SEO Girl

Profession : SEO and Link Building Expert

SEO Mantra to success: Not always for the bots!

Brief Background :

I am a Graduate in Computer Science Engineering from a reputed University in India. Since college days, when internet was becoming popular and Search Engines like Google, Yahoo had became a one stop shop for every answer one could be looking for, I have been fascinated about how this whole search thing worked. It was interesting to learn how results move up and down and why.

Then I wanted to try it out on my own and see how results changed. It got me so intrigued that I ended up choosing SEO as my career back in 2008.

Since then I have been eating, walking and talking SEO !

What makes SEO Girl any different from others? Why hire me as your SEO? 

Let’s get this straight.

Search Algorithms are dynamic that makes the job of an SEO very crucial! Small changes can make or break businesses. Remember what the Panda and Penguins did last summer?

And as a business owner, when you hire an SEO, it’s not just money or just striking off the task from your to do list, it is about the trust and confidence that you put in a professional whom you expect to have the following persona :

A) Understands the importance of this role
B) Knows the job
C) Stays on top of this game
D) Delivers quality
E) Achieves the targets promised
F) Self starter


G) Owns it.

If you feel that our thoughts match here, then feel free to contact me.


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