RSS Feed Submission

RSS Feed Submission Plan by SEOGirl:

Total RSS Feed Submissions Submission Time Price
100 3 Days $49

RSS Feed Submission Service Overview:

RSS: Really Simple Syndication, is important as it helps frequently updated links for e.g. blogs, videos, on your website get indexed and shared with your customers. The user must subscribe to your RSS feed to receive these updates automatically.

Submitting your feed to RSS feed directories is like bookmarking your feed such that it can drive more traffic to your site.

If you have an RSS feed, we would take this and submit to a 100 RSS Feed sites. This would normally take about 72 hours and is done on a weekly basis.

Key Features of RSS Feed Submission Service:

  • Don’t have an RSS Feed? No, worries! I can create that for any web page you ask for.
  • Purely manual submissions to 100 RSS feed sites.
  • Detailed reports available.


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