Inbound Marketing

Search Engines are major pillars of the internet and the online marketing industry which connect the two – Marketers / Sellers & Audience / Buyers. To meet the growing dependency on search and maintaining the quality of search results, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have worked harder upon their algorithms and made them smarter, artificially intelligent tools.

Here’s a small story -

During initial days when Search and Internet had just evolved, internet marketing was more or less limited to paid ads, website seo and getting links. It was relatively easier for a marketer or a spammer to manipulate the rankings or advertisements and get access to lots of traffic. This led us to a point when the search engine algorithms were failing to distinguish between spammy sites / link farms / content farms from the one’s that actually had some substance. People were not getting the results they wanted. And sites like Facebook, Twitter were becoming popular day by day.

Something had to be done about it. Search Engines had realized that and released major updates like Panda & Penguin by Google targeting duplicate / thin content, spam sites, link farms etc, multiple updates to the layout of the search results page and so on.

With these updates, spam results got kick-off and a whole bunch of new ranking parameters were introduced to the search engine algorithms.

This changed the whole face of online marketing industry and gave birth to a new concept – Inbound Marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing is a summation of all kinds of internet marketing techniques that are used to attract organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization  + Social Media Marketing + Content Marketing + Conversion Rate Optimization = Inbound Marketing.

Why is Inbound Marketing important for your business?

Search engines have become more sophisticated in terms of calculating the rankings. They now take in to account a whole bunch of new factors like participation to social networks – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, FourSquare, Pinterest, contribution to blog communities, forums etc. So in order to win the race and outrank your competition, you’ve got to be smart and do everything that can earn you the interest of visitors and customers.

Where can you hire Inbound Marketing Experts or an Inbound Marketing Consultant?

Right here! At SEOGirl, we  create custom inbound marketing strategies and provide Inbound Marketing Services based that will boost your search engine rankings, increase social media presence, improve conversion rates and establish your small business as a trusted resource / brand in your niche. We also provide Inbound Marketing Consulting services to guide your in-house team on technical issues, effective marketing campaigns and complex scenarios.

All you need to do is contact us by filling a small form and we will get back to you.

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